The great Halloween Candy Poll

The great Halloween Candy Poll
The great Halloween Candy Poll

David Wagle writes from Apple Valley, Minnesota, where his son Luke went trick-or-treating in their Republican neighborhood as a Romney-Obama voting machine. David says the poll was unscientific, of course, but check out the results:

Obama won the candy count with over 284 pieces of candy to Romney’s 141.

The weight was tied. Both candidates had 7.9 pounds of stuff in their bag. However, Romney supporters were found not only to be giving larger pieces of candy, but at several non-candy items including at least one 12 oz can of pop.

By the rules of the special election made up arbitrarily on the spot, we declared Obama the winner in MN’s 2nd congressional district of last night’s Halloween Candy Poll.

Nate Silver, you might have competition on the way.

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