The Friday Awesome (Route 66 Edition)


Greetings Awesome-istas! Not only is today the numerologically impeccable 11-11-11, it also marks the opening of Route 66 back in 1926. Fabled in song and screen, they didn’t call it The Mother Road for nothing. Much Highway 66 old school awesome here and here.

Important reminder: the French are crazy sometimes. Mon dieu!

Chapter One: Brk, Brk, braaaakkkkk!!!

The perennially awesome Keith Haring —rescued!

Yes we can!

Happy Birthday Kurt Vonnegut! Jonathan Winters!

Inc. Stained

Sci-Fi fans–just watch this. Have replacement brain handy.

And finally, 90 foot wave? Bring it on, dude!

Have a great weekend everybody!

The Friday Awesome (Route 66 Edition)