The Friday Awesome


Given the week we’ve had (yet another one —is this a summer thing? gah!), I think we can all derive a sense of mission from this video of a monster defying an uncaring world. I did, anyway. But then, I’m like that.

Ex-squeeze me?

New wave. Literally. We’re talking Haircut 100 here.

Lando, you got some ‘splaining to do.

That’s “Mister” Monkey to you, hair-deficient primate.

Magnet vs. Copper -Oh it’s on, it’s on!

Straight Outta Boca, etc…

RIP, Mr. Leon Vaughn

Of course, Jodie IS a star.

They’re just friends. Seriously. Totally Platonic. No more than a bromance, really.

Real Madrid versus 109 Chinese kids + perky disco music equals GOOOOOALLLLL!!!

Happy Birthday, Cecil B. DeMille!

The Office/Dallas mashup. Which decade is this?

Have a great weekend, everybody!

The Friday Awesome