The Friday Awesome


It had been 30 years since it snowed in August in Wellington, New Zealand. And when it finally did, everything was all white and gorgeous and magical and then the slow-mo and the piano music and…..tissue please…I need a minute…Talk amongst yourselves.

Deckard: human or replicant? Discuss…

Winnipeg, it will come back to you.


Día de los Muertos, I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Lady Gaga + Cher = submit, puny earthlings!

Do unto otters, etc.

No word yet on the healing potential of glowsticks, Hello Kitty ears or Daft Punk

A hovel for tricksy Hobbitses. We wants it, we needs it.

Tom Cookie Waits Monster Awesome

The timeless majesty of our national parks. (Yeah, whatever. No wi-fi, Borrrring….)

Have a great weekend, everybody!

The Friday Awesome