The Friday Awesome


Aloha, Friday Awesome-ites: For those of you waiting breathlessly for Jedi Kittens—the Sequel, here’s this. (Ominous voice: Luke, I am your cuddly, adorable, ball of yarn chasing father…)

Han’s Kessel Run/Parsec controversy resolved. (chill, Rebel Alliance, chill!)

Look at that antelope driving a car! Oh no, There’s a bear in my bed!

I’m a shlibertar….thlibertare… the CONTHITU-SHUN!!!

So, I’m thinking about eating human brains—is that kosher?

Two wheels, the open road, advanced European design…

So, in my movie, there’s these CIA zombie assassins right?…

What’s Mandarin for ants in your pants?

Reason 10,958,903 to love the Muppets.

Will this include Thomas Jefferson’s radically democratic margin doodles?

Your great great grandparents were way cooler than you think…

“Body and Soul.” Tony Bennett. Amy Winehouse… (melts into puddle)

Have a great weekend everybody!

The Friday Awesome