The Friday Awesome


Now, there are some people out there who think you don’t deserve to see small children re-enacting an R rated raunchfest. To those people I say: you’re wrong.


Whitey? Whitey Bulger? What are you doing under there?

Remember the Del Taco!

Buy New England a beer! And put it on Lord Stanley’s tab! And get a round for the rest of the planet, while you’re at it!

Final score: Superman 1, Oppressive Stalinist architecture, zero

The Wide World of Skorts!!!!!

These are the people in your gayborhood.

Is it hot in here or are you carrying a multiferroic composite of nickel, cobalt, manganese and tin?

They found this mastodon right next to Rick Scott’s budget.

Mmmmmm fluids. Beautiful, beautiful fluids.

Next Monday? Watch your asteroid

Zelda—Zuper Zized

I’m gonna git you, seersucka!

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The Friday Awesome