The first step is admitting you have a problem


By any fair measure, the voting fiasco in Florida this year was a national embarrassment, but it was also the result of a deliberate plan – Gov. Rick Scott (R) and other Republican policymakers made it more difficult to vote in order to help their party. (It didn’t work; Democrats had a very good year in the Sunshine State.)

But now that the election is over, can Scott offer a defense of this fiasco? As he made clear yesterday, the far-right governor doesn’t think anything went wrong.

Aviva Shen flagged this clip from the CBS affiliate in Orlando, which pressed Rick Scott on the ridiculously long voting lines in the state. “Well, the right thing happened,” the Republican said. “4.4 million people came out and voted either absentee or early. On Election Day we had 20 times as many polling locations than we did on early voting. So we did the right thing.”

In fact, Scott kept repeating that same phrase, “We did the right thing,” over and over again, as if it were a scripted talking point his political aides told him to repeat ad nauseam to every question on the matter.

Florida’s problem won’t be resolved so long as Florida’s governor pretends it doesn’t exist.

For what it’s worth, Florida still hasn’t finished counting its votes, but hopes to have things wrapped up tomorrow.