The 10 years of ‘no, no and hell, no’ you’ve been waiting for (Paging Mr. Wolfowitz and friends)


Rachel uncorked one last night, re Paul Wolfowitz and Michael O’Hanlon publishing their new “Plan Afghanistan” in Foreign Policy:

I realize this is not the most important thing in the world that guys like Paul Wolfowitz still writes articles about U.S. wars, but please, Jesus, can there be some accountability in American politics? Can there be a penalty for being wrong about the biggest things in the world to be wrong about? If you were an architect of the Iraq war, you don’t ever get an opportunity to talk about what is a good idea when it comes to war ever again. Deal? Deal.

Dick Cheney, I don’t want to hear from your anymore about wars. George W. Bush – no. Donald Rumsfeld, not interested.

Condoleezza Rice, I’m sorry. I’m sure your new book is awesome. I would still like to interview you about it. But when it comes to being part of our collective conversation about war in this country, you had your chance – blew it. No. Wrong. You are not going to be consulted on the next big idea since you got the last one so wrong.

Take up another hobby. Try to convince us to listen to your big ideas on some other subject. Take up macrame. Confess before the cleric of your choosing. Buy stock in little black combs and lick them and make a fortune.

But war advice, no. Seriously, “Foreign Policy” magazine, you went looking for a plan for Afghanistan and for that plan, you went looking to Paul Wolfowitz?

The answer is no, no, no. Ten years of hell, no. Not again.

The 10 years of 'no, no and hell, no' you've been waiting for (Paging Mr. Wolfowitz and friends)