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Texas moves forward on ‘campus carry’

Texas’ system of public universities doesn’t actually want more loaded firearms on campuses, but the Republican-run state government has its own ideas on the subject. The Dallas Morning News reports today:
Republican Gov. Greg Abbott – surprising no one – signaled in a radio interview on Tuesday that he will sign the contentious firearms measure to allow licensed Texans to carry concealed handguns in most state university buildings.
“I’m now proud to say that Texas is going to be … one of the states that does have campus carry, ensuring that we further provide Second Amendment rights to our constituents,” he said on The Mark Davis Show on KSKY-AM.
A Politico report noted this week that the chancellor of the University of Texas System warned state lawmakers that “campus carry could adversely affect faculty recruitment,” which apparently led to a legislative compromise: university presidents will have the authority to declare some areas on campus – but not all – off-limits to loaded firearms.
The governor insisted this morning that having more guns around will create a safer academic environment.
“Shooters will understand next time that they cross a Texas campus, somebody is going to be watching them and have the ability to do something about it to stop them,” Abbott said.
How students and faculty will know to “watch” potential gunmen is unclear.
Our pals at “All In with Chris Hayes” had a good segment on Texas gun laws just last night:
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