Terry Gross unfit for Mississippi

The public broadcasting network in Mississippi has booted Terry Gross and Fresh Air for “recurring inappropriate content.” Since this is totally two of my worlds colliding, I’m going to admit conflict and let the aggrieved Serenity Home proceed with a scan of the Fresh Air lineup:
Recent reviews included these: July 13th, “Robert Randolph: A Gospel Guitarist’s Secular ‘Road’;” July 12th, “A Star Named Marilyn (But Not The One You Think; ” and July 9th, “Cholodenko’s ‘Kids’ Flick: More Than Just All Right.” Anything that stands out as recurring and inappropriate here? Recent political topics included “CPAC, The Tea Party And The Remaking Of The Right,” “Connecting The Dots Between PhRMA And Congress,” and “‘Clinton Vs. Starr’: A ‘Definitive’ Account.” Anything inappropriate that the average American could not handle in these topics? Now what could possibly be inappropriate about the content of these shows? Couldn’t possibly be the interview with Colin Firth regarding his role in “A Single Man.” He plays the part of a gay man grieving the loss of his partner. The story line of grieving the death of a loved one is as old as the story of David and Jonathan in First Samuel of the Hebrew Scriptures. And it certainly could not be the movie review of Cholodenko’s “The Kids Are Alright.” That story line of parents dealing with their rebellious teens goes all the way back to Adam and Eve. Oh wait, the parents are both lesbians. Nah, it couldn’t be that.
Serenity Home thinks is might be the gay thing. Me, I’m betting on “CPAC, The Tea Party And The Remaking Of The Right,” with Dave Weigel.