Tea Party dreams of rigging the vote


Republicans’ dreams of changing the Electoral College got a little narrower today, dropping from six states to five now that the Florida House speaker says he won’t go along. But the Tea Party, at the least the part of it that gins up the National Tea Party Alert, says changing the rules in five states would still have done the trick. They emailed an article about it just yesterday, saying, “Editorial note from National Tea Party Alert: If the fix discussed in the article below had been in place in just 5 states in 2012, it would have changed the results and Romney would have won the election. It is constitutional and would limit voter fraud.”

The article they’re talking about is this one, from Business Insider. As you can see below and in your browser’s top bar, Business Insider’s web title for it is: “Virginia Moves To Rig Electoral College Votes.” But hey, the Tea Party says it would be legal (and would magically “limit voter fraud”).

The Washington Post today tracks the progress of the electoral college change in Virginia and other states. In Virginia, the change would mean “a much smaller role for the swing state in presidential elections.” In Pennsylvania, the supporter of a stalled bill to divide the electoral college votes by congressional district is planning a new one to divide them according to the popular vote. In Michigan, the WaPo says a bill is coming that would divide that state’s votes by congressional districts.