Dr. Ron Jaecks, owl attack-surviving jogger, poses with a homemade owl warning sign t-shirt.

Take Cover Oregon!

Upon learning that several joggers at Bush’s Pasture Park in Oregon’s capital city of Salem had been attacked by an angry owl, the Rachel Maddow Show decided that, if nothing else, better signage was in order. The show presented a new option for the town to consider, and appealed to the audience for more ideas. To that end, the Rachel Maddow Show Owl Warning Sign Challenge was born, with viewers from across the country and even overseas submitting designs to better illustrate the threat to the park’s unsuspecting passers-by.

Below are some of the highlights of the collection we received. Thanks to everyone who participated. Jog safely.

—James O’Brien, Minneapolis, MN

—Emily Cross, Shelburne, VT

—Kyle Slipy, Mankato, MN

—Michelle Dennis, Surprise, AZ

Warning: You are the chewy center surrounded by a thin, thin layer of Spandex!

—Christopher Gurin, Conshohocken, PA

—David Link, Portland, TN

Jane Sheppard, Guilford, CT

— Jools Lloyd, Oswestry

—Alan Brown, Oregon

Take Cover Oregon!