Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton walks off the stage as Republican nominee Donald Trump remains at his podium after their third and final 2016 presidential campaign debate in Las Vegas, Nev., Oct. 19, 2016. 
Photo by Rick Wilking/Reuters

‘Sometimes a lady needs to be told when she’s being nasty’

After the backlash to the “Republican war on women” hurt GOP candidates in 2012, many party officials and strategists insisted Republicans change the way they talk to women and about women. Training sessions, some of which were led by Kellyanne Conway, now Donald Trump’s campaign manager, tried to coach GOP candidates on how to avoid costly missteps on gender issues.

It may be time for a refresher course or two.

At this week’s presidential debate, Trump, unprompted, interrupted Hillary Clinton to say she’s “such a nasty woman.” CNN reports that Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas) appeared on Alan Colmes’ radio show yesterday and defended the remark.
“You know what, she’s saying some nasty things,” the Texas congressman answered.

Colmes asked again if the comment was appropriate, to which Babin responded, “Well, I’m a genteel Southerner, Alan.”

“So that means no?” Colmes asked.

“No, I think sometimes a lady needs to be told when she’s being nasty,” Babin replied. “I do.”
It’s almost as if they’re trying to lose.

If Babin’s name sounds familiar, the Texas Republican freshman raised eyebrows early on after reaching Capitol Hill. Less than a month into his first term, Babin announced his belief that President Obama, without a doubt, “deserves impeachment.”

He later introduced legislation to require Supreme Court justices and their clerks to receive health insurance though Affordable Care Act exchanges. He called it the “SCOTUScare Act.”

Babin, representing one of Texas’ reddest districts, is not facing a Democratic opponent this year.