"Obamacare" supporter Margot Smith (L) of California pleads her case with legislation opponents Judy Burel (2nd R) and Janis Haddon, both of Georgia, at the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, March 28, 2012.
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For some, a Supreme Court case is a matter of life or death

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in King v. Burwell this morning, and by most accounts, it’s not at all clear how the justices intend to rule. The four center-left justices seemed unmoved by the plaintiffs’ ridiculous argument; Scalia and Alito seemed eager to destroy “Obamacare”; Roberts said almost nothing; and Kennedy hinted he might back the ACA on federalism grounds.
We probably won’t know for sure until June, when the ruling is issued. But in the interim, it’s worth taking some time to think about families that will experience some sleepless nights between now and then.
Robert Schlesinger noted yesterday that a far-right ruling would produce “real human misery,” and it’s an important point. We’re not just talking about numbers on a page; this is about whether real-world families have access to medical care.
Sarah Kliff recently highlighted the story of a woman named Marilyn Schramm, who’s wondering whether King v. Burwell should cause her to move to a blue state.
She is a 63-year-old retiree who lives in Texas, and since November 2013 she’s purchased health insurance through Healthcare.gov. She has a policy that costs about $800 per month. Schramm, who earns $28,000 from her pension, pays about half the cost, and the federal government covers the rest with a subsidy.
Schramm has colon cancer. Doctors diagnosed it this fall, after she started feeling stomach pains during an RV trip through Tennessee. Doctors there removed the tumor, and she’s now in Austin receiving chemotherapy, which should continue through this summer.
There’s nothing academic about this case for Schramm and her loved ones. Under the Affordable Care Act, she can receive chemotherapy. If Republicans gut the Affordable Care Act, she’ll likely lose her coverage and the treatment she needs.
This is obviously one person, but the point is that she’s emblematic of millions more. The Huffington Post ran a powerful piece the other day shining a spotlight on real people who’ll face dire straits if GOP justices rule the wrong way in this ludicrous case. Yahoo News ran a similar article, as did The Christian Science Monitor.
There was a point in late 2013 when Republicans ran a series of attack ads featuring “Obamacare victims,” who were allegedly harmed by the ACA. Upon further inspection, nearly all of these anecdotes were completely discredited – and most of the alleged victims were actually far better off under the Affordable Care Act than they were before.
What we’re dealing with now is the exact opposite: real people for whom the Supreme Court may become a death panel.
The anxiety for them and their families between now and June will probably be pretty brutal.
MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall , 3/4/15, 11:04 AM ET

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New York University Law School Professor Kenji Yoshino joins Tamron Hall to talk about the new challenge that could doom the president’s health care law.
New York University Law School Professor Kenji Yoshino joins Tamron Hall to talk about the new challenge that could doom the president’s health care law.