‘…some cosmic crapshoot’

'...some cosmic crapshoot'
'...some cosmic crapshoot'

For all of those who have marveled at the Creation Museum , with its dioramas of humans and dinosaurs cavorting together a mere 6,000 years ago, good news. Plans are in the works to build a Creation Science Hall of Fame just down the road in Northern Kentucky.

According to the CSHF web site:

We seek to educate those who would not otherwise know that “creationism,” as the public delights to call creation advocacy today, is not new, and has existed for as long as modern science has existed, and for longer than that. We must preserve the testimony of these inductees for future generations. (And those, living or dead, whom we mention here, would not have it any other way.)

Inductees include Leonardo da Vinci, George Washington Carver, Sir Isaac Newton and other famous scientists who, were they alive today, might very well have it another way.   

Still, squabbling among creationists over who is inducted into the Hall will not be tolerated.


We also expect all creationists to support this project collectively and without bias nor any regard to politics or past disagreements. True enough, many creationists do not agree with one another’s theories. But this will not determine who enters the Hall of Fame. We want our Lord to be proud of us and this project.

Organizers hope the Hall will be up and running in five years, but they should be warned: the Creationist tourism business isn’t what it used to be. Only 280,000 people visited the Creation Museum last year – compare that to the 404,000 who took in the sights the first year it opened in 2007. Plus plans for a lavish Noah’s Ark theme park, also in Northern Kentucky, have slowed. 

Nonetheless, the Creation Science Hall of Fame’s convictions, like those of the Creation Museum, remain unshaken. Said a Hall of Fame spokesman:

Certainly, it’s fair to say that we share with them the belief that we did not get here by accident or through some cosmic crapshoot.

I guess it all depends on what you mean by “we” and “here.”

'...some cosmic crapshoot'