Sink or swim


We talked last week about North Carolina Republicans, who have a new solution to rising sea levels, caused by global warming: scrap the scientific evidence pointing to rising sea levels. It seems the story is starting to generate some additional attention.

Let’s call it the GOP’s “See No Evil” strategy (or is that “Sea No Evil”?). Under a Republican plan, officials along the coast could ignore scientific models showing rising sea levels, relying instead on a historic model of how far the sea has risen over the last year.

As a result, while a state-appointed science panel warns sea levels will rise 39 inches over the next century, some North Carolina Republicans want the state to prepare for only 8 inches, since that’s what happened over the last century.

This is not only awful science and dangerous policy, it was also the subject of Stephen Colbert “The Word” segment this week.

The Colbert Report
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Debate begins on the policy in the North Carolina legislature today.