Romney’s plan for ‘Day One’


Mitt Romney’s campaign unveiled this morning its first television ad of the general election, a generally positive spot describing what the Republican would do on “day one” if elected.

There’s nothing wrong with getting voters thinking about what these candidates would do in office in 2013, and given the general vagueness of Romney’s policy agenda, it’s worthwhile that his campaign start focusing on his top priorities.

But his “day one” agenda isn’t exactly compelling. Romney wants an environmentally-risky oil pipeline that won’t lower gas prices and will create far fewer jobs than Republicans believe. He wants tax cuts for “job creators” – i.e., Romney’s very wealthy friends – that won’t help the economy and would make the deficit much worse.

And Romney intends to kill the Affordable Care Act on his first day, taking health care away from millions of Americans, raising prescription drug prices for seniors, and even raising taxes on small businesses that are currently taking advantage of Obamacare’s tax breaks.

Romney wants to replace the law with “common sense” reforms, but he refuses to say what those reforms might look like. Presumably, they wouldn’t resemble his own state-based reform law – Obamacare mirrors Romneycare.

If this ad is supposed to be persuasive, Romney appears to have left out the compelling parts.

The spot is part of a $1.2 million ad buy, and will air in Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, and Virginia.

Mitt Romney

Romney's plan for 'Day One'