Richard Engel’s full drone pilot interview


Wednesday night, Rachel interviewed NBC News chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel, about U.S. drone strike accounting documents he’d obtained, and shared a clip of his remarkable interview with Senior Airman Brandon Bryant about his experiences as a drone pilot and how he is handling the awareness that the list of people he is officially, directly or indirectly, responsible for killing totals 1,626 people killed.

Richard’s full report for the Today show is below. After the jump is a slightly longer, less edited version that is the “extended interview” Matt Lauer refers to at the end of the Today segment.


ADDING: Richard’s is the only TV interview Senior Airman Bryant has done, but until I work out why the video below is suddenly much shorter, here is his first radio interview with NRP. Skip ahead to the 7-minute mark for Bryant’s part:

Also, here’s his AMA.