Putin on the blitz and other headlines

Image: Vladimir Putin live question-answer conference
Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures while speaking during his annual call-in live broadcast in Moscow, Russia, 17 April 2014.

Ukraine forces kill 3 pro-Russian protesters. (NY Times)

Putin admits Russian forces helped Crimean separatists. (NBC News)

Colorado Senate Dems spike bill that would have protected reproductive rights. (Denver Post)

New Hampshire may repeal the death penalty today. (AP)

Obama and Cantor fight over immigration reform and a “Happy Passover” call. (NY Mag)

CIA’s former top lawyer fires back at Senate report, criticizes Feinstein. (McClatchy)

South Korean ferry captain apologizes for fleeing the sinking ship. (LA Times)

NC Gov. McCrory says he wants more government oversight of coal-ash ponds. (AP)

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Putin on the blitz and other headlines