Press button for cocktail

— Updated

Even though we post all of the Cocktail Moments here on the blog, it doesn't take long for them to disappear into the archive and people often have trouble finding them. The secret is that they're all tagged with "drinks" so if you put /drinks on the end of the blog URL you get the whole collection. Obviously this is a ridiculous thing to keep secret, so I've added a little cocktail banner button in the right column of the blog, way down on the bottom.

I've tried to include drink-making Rachel has done in places other than our Cocktail Moments but I sometimes miss those, or else there's no online video available (the Martha Stewart appearances, for example) so if you know of one I missed, let me know. Even as I write this it occurs to me there are probably a few in our pre-blog archive...

Ah HA!!

Ok, so obviously this list is as likely to grow backward in time as it is forward, but at least we're putting it all in the same place.