Political machines

Political machines
Political machines
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Leave it to 86-year-old Fidel Castro to dream up a futuristic angle on this year’s U.S. presidential elections—apparently what the Yanquis really need is President Robot.

In an op-ed in the Cuban newspaper El Diario,  El Jefe disparages both President Obama and his Republican opponents and then asks,  

“Isn’t the worst part that there isn’t even a robot in the White House who could run the U.S. and prevent a war that would end our species?”

Castro went on to claim that 90 percent of Americans would vote for the robot over anyone in the 2012 field. Robot landslide!

I’m not sure how Castro arrived at his polling data – (“So, ma’am, in a head-to-head contest, who would you prefer as president: Rick Santorum or a robot?”) but given Mitt Romney’s victory last night, some American voters are  more than ready for Candidate Bot 3000. (For further evidence of Mr. Romney’s cyborg-ian streak, click here.)

Maybe Castro is onto something here. Doesn’t a Machine Age deserve a Machine President?

Some advantages to a robot presidency—-

  • Stays on message
  • Thick skinned
  • No embarrassing college photos, poetry, etc.
  • Can be continually upgraded
  • Won’t get that haggard look after four years in office
  • Won’t forget government agencies it wants to eliminate
  • No one will ask to see a birth certificate.
  • No lengthy vacations,(powering up the president would only take a few minutes at most.)
  • Differences in race, gender, age, orientation, regional loyalty and sports preferences magically disappear.
  • The possibility of a sex scandal decreases dramatically.

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Political machines