Plane search expands and other headlines

Image: Oksana Shyshkova, Lada Nesterenko
A Russian honor guard soldier salutes as Ukraine’s Oksana Shyshkova , right, and her guide Lada Nesterenko cover their bronze medals with their hands after…
Dmitry Lovetsky/AP

Now there is a 25-nation effort to find that missing Malaysian plane. (NY Times)

As expected, Crimea referendum to join Russia wins by a gigantic margin. (NBC News)

Pres. Obama spoke with Vladimir Putin about the referendum. (TPM)

Ukrainian athletes stage silent protest at the Paralympics in Sochi. (Toronto Star)

CIA suspends chief of Iran operations over workplace issues. (L.A. Times)

Condoleezza Rice urges Republican Party to be more inclusive. (Reuters)

Fmr. House stenographer speaks about her outburst: “I did not lose my mind.” (The Hill)

Questions about wastewater release from another Duke Energy coal-ash pond. (NY Times)

Westboro Baptist Church leader is reportedly close to death. (USA Today)