Perry/Romney: ‘Words have meaning’


Texas Governor Rick Perry is out with a new ad attacking Mitt Romney for careful editing about his health plan in Massachusetts. Specifically, former Governor Romney would like the world to forget he once he billed his plan as a national model. “Words have meaning,” Mr. Romney said at last week’s debate, and Mr. Perry tries to make him pay for it.

Maybe the ad is too long – if you can’t do it in 30 seconds, you can’t do it – but it’s not helped by Governor Perry’s performance at that same debate. You’ll remember that, when asked what he’d do with a 3 A.M. phone call telling him terrorists had Pakistan’s nukes, Mr. Perry responded:

“Well, obviously, before you ever get to that point, you have to build a relationship in that region. And that’s one of the things that this administration has not done. Just yesterday we found out through Admiral Mullen that Haqqani has been involved with — and that’s the terrorist group directly associated with the Pakistani country — so to have a relationship with India, to make sure that India knows that they are an ally of the United States.”

Words have meaning, even those ones.

Rick Perry and Mitt Romney

Perry/Romney: 'Words have meaning'