Perry reminded, ‘You’re in Louisiana!’


Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) spoke at this year’s RedState Gathering and was eager to praise other red states that share Texas’ conservative agenda. Unfortunately, as Mediaite reported, Perry – who’s had memory issues in the past – forgot which state he was in at the time.

“There are many other states that embrace those conservative values, the approach that we’ve taken over the years,” he continued. “I’m in one today in Florida. You look at South Carolina, you look at Florida.”

“You’re in Louisiana!” an audience member shouted.

“I know,” Perry responded. “And I said that.”

With that last part, the governor appeared to be kidding, hoping to compensate for not knowing what state he was in.

For the record, I can think of instances in which candidates from both parties, in the heat of a campaign swing, will make multiple campaign stops a day, and will get confused about their location. It’s embarrassing, but understandable.

Perry, however, can’t lean on this excuse.

Rick Perry

Perry reminded, 'You're in Louisiana!'