With ‘peace on the planet’ on the line


Towards the end of a speech in Jacksonville over the weekend, Romney tried to rally his supporters by telling them what they “deserve.”

“We’re going to take America back. The future demands it. The future is out there for us to take it. Our kids deserve it. You deserve it. The nation deserves it. Peace on the planet depends on it.”

Wait, what? Peace on earth is dependent on electing the Romney-Ryan ticket? On Tampa on Thursday, Romney mocked President Obama’s lofty rhetoric, but what are we to make of a presidential candidate who believes “peace on the planet depends on” his victory?

This has come up before. In January, after he won the New Hampshire primary, Romney complained about Obama’s “lofty promises,” before explaining:

“Our campaign is about more than replacing a president; it is about saving the soul of America.”

First, I didn’t realize there was something wrong with our soul that we need a politician to fix. Second, what was that about lofty promises?

On the one hand, he wants to complain that President Obama has grandiose ideas about an American transformation; on the other hand, Romney wants voters to believe he’s going to save our soul and create peace on the planet. There’s a problem with pushing both lines at the same time.

Mitt Romney

With 'peace on the planet' on the line