Now come the people of #Ohio

Building a Better Ohio, very slowly.
Building a Better Ohio, very slowly.

Ohio Governor John Kasich’s approval ratings have been dragging around in the range of 33 percent since he proposed severe budget cuts and a union-stripping bill. Governor Kasich plans to sign the budget, which shifts state resources from the public to corporations, today.

Meanwhile, opponents of the union-stripping law, Senate Bill 5, are turning backflips over their petition drive to put it on the ballot for a citizens repeal. Organizers say they handed in 1,298,301 signatures, five times more than required. The signatures took up 1,502 separate boxes. “Things like this make me proud to be an Ohioan,” writes lefty blogger Plunderbund.

Plunderbund points out that organizers in support of SB5 have gotten a push from Mr. Kasich and Republican hopeful Mitt Romney and the Ohio Republican Party. They’re trying to get people to like their Facebook page. You can see the tidal wave below.