Novoselic vs. Lakrisal, round 1


Krist Novoselic, bassist and co-founder of Nirvana, stopped by the Rachel Maddow Show last night to talk voting rights and his organization FairVote. Turns out he is not only a righteous dude, he is also fearless – and psyched to try a Lakrisal (the weird Scandinavian “candy” that most of us here can’t eat) in our green room.

Novoselic is quite familiar with ammonium chloride, one of the main ingredients in Lakrisal. Ammonium chloride is also used in agricultural feed – Novoselic feeds it to his goats in order to help clear calcium deposits from their urethras, basically saving their lives. Neat!

Novoselic’s awesome reaction to the wince-inducing tablet starts at around 2:08 in the video above.

Novoselic left with a small packet of Lakrisal tablets to take back with him to Seattle, and will report back to us if the goats take a liking to them. Because what’s good for the goat … might be good for the gander? Something like that. More updates on our maybe-bicoastal investigation to come, including part 2 of our “Lakrisal in the Lab” experience.