‘No sex with the sun god demon! Vote Perry! #Maddow’


Our own great and good Will Femia wins my vote for tweet of the night, about the folks with whom Texas Governor Rick Perry is putting on his national day of prayer and fasting. Governor Perry wants America to find in heaven answers to problems that are surely unsolvable on earth, like government debt.

Among Governor Perry’s partners in the endeavor is Peter Wagner, who at least knows what’s wrong with Japan’s economy. By way of Right Wing Watch:

The Sun Goddess visits him in person and has sexual intercourse with the Emperor. It’s a very, very powerful thing. So the Emperor becomes one flesh with the Sun Goddess and that’s an invitation for the Sun Goddess to continue to demonize the whole nation.

Since the night that the present emperor slept with the Sun Goddess, the stock market in Japan has gone down. It’s never come up since.

Today Governor Perry meets with the president of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf. He has also been making calls to Republicans in Iowa and New Hampshire, which is what you do when you thinking of running for president. “I don’t know if he’s finally made that decision, but all signs are in that direction,” Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News tells us. This’ll be fun.

Rick Perry

'No sex with the sun god demon! Vote Perry! #Maddow'