New numbers in Colorado’s voter purge


Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler has announced the results of his second round of voter purges. Gessler says he found more than 300 suspected noncitizens, to go along with the suspected 141 he found earlier, from an original pool of almost 4,000. Those 300 people are now getting a letter from the state, two weeks before the election.

“Though the timing is not ideal,” Gessler said in a written statement, “I felt it was important to alert these voters that the federal government says they’re not citizens.”

Gessler has also sent their names to county clerks, in case of possible challenges at the polls.

Of the 141 suspected noncitizens Gessler picked out in the first round, Denver Westword reports that 14 were removed from the rolls. None of them appear to have voted.

Gessler’s critics say they’re concerned about his priorities. Exhibit A: The 441 suspected noncitizens in Gessler’s purge are not quite doubled by the 779 would-be voters whose new registrations got eaten by a glitch in the state’s system for online registration.

Scott Gessler and Colorado

New numbers in Colorado's voter purge