National Dems spending in #Wisconsin



One of the strongest Democrats facing a recall in Wisconsin is the beneficiary of the first ad buy from the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee in that state. The television ad goes after State Senator David Hansen’s opponent :

“[W]hat’s most troubling about David VanderLeest’s record are the accusations of domestic abuse. Reports claim VanderLeest’s violent outbursts caused serious injuries to his family members.”

Mr. VanderLeest was not Republicans’ candidate of choice. That would be State Representative John Nygren, who failed to turn in enough valid signatures to get himself on the ballot and failed even to sign his own petition.

As Rachel talked about on the show last night, Wisconsin Democrats chose to fight Governor Walker’s union-stripping bill even though they were outnumbered. Their prize for losing is that now other people are willing to fight alongside them.

Bonus: New Jersey? This still won’t qualify you as Wisconsin.

(h/t Greg Sargent)