Morning Maddow: September 30

Morning Maddow: September 30
Morning Maddow: September 30

Some House Republicans say they would vote for a “clean” bill to fund the government today. (HuffPo)

Conservative groups agreed to hold back criticism of the House bill. (BuzzFeed)

Why conservatives think this shut down won’t be like the last shutdown. (NY Times)

Apparently Sen. Ted Cruz doesn’t know how to set up a chess board. (NY Mag)

VA Gov. McDonnell investigation unlikely to be resolved before election. (Staunton News Leader)

The Justice Dept. will sue today to stop North Carolina’s new voter ID law. (Charlotte Observer)

Watauga Co. NC elections board doesn’t ask some important questions about the polling site it likes better than a college campus. (Winston-Salem Journal)

FL elections chief on voter fraud: “I haven’t seen any evidence …that it’s not a problem. Until we investigate and process the names of all people on the voting list, how do we know?” (Wash Post)

Prop. 8 attorneys Olson and Boies will fight Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage. (BuzzFeed)

How executions in Missouri could make it harder for patients to get anesthesia. (AP)