Morning Maddow: September 27


The Senate votes on funding the government today. (The Hill)

Federal employees learn their “shutdown status” today. (McClatchy)

Most of Syria’s toxins can be destroyed more easily than initially thought. (WaPo)

Read the text of the draft U.N. resolution on Syrian chemical weapons. (NY Times)

The Washingon Post editorial board notes Ken Cuccinelli’s attempt to rewrite the past. (WaPo)

Why on earth is Sen. Marco Rubio now against the gay, black judicial nominee he once supported? (HuffPo)

Florida woman jailed after being denied the “Stand Your Ground” defense is granted a new trial. (MSNBC)

Sen. David Vitter keeps reminding us of his prostitution scandal by renewing an ethics complaint. (The Hill)

That’s not supposed to happen. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

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Morning Maddow: September 27