Morning Maddow: October 21

Pres. Obama will talk about the Obamacare rollout today. (The Hill) He’s said to be frustrated by the website problems. (AP) The planned “tech surge” could take weeks. (NY Times) 

Liberals in Congress are worried that budget talks will put Social Security cuts on the table. (WSJ) 

Sen. James Inhofe says Obamacare would have killed him. (BuzzFeed) 

NJ held its first same-sex marriages early, early, early this morning. (AP) 

Star Scientific CEO says Gov. McDonnell knew he loaned the first lady $50,000. (Richmond Times-Dispatch) 

Ex-Gov, now-Rep. Mark Sanford’s fiancee speaks. (McClatchy) 

Did you guys know that VP Dick Cheney resigned from office in March, 2001? (Political Wire) 

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Morning Maddow: October 21