Morning Maddow: October 18


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton makes a surprise visit to Libya

And speaking of the war in Libya, we almost tried out our new cyberwarfare muscles 

On his conference call with Michele Bachmann, Donald Trump bragged about not just being a birther

Considering the hold-on-to-your-hat things Republican presidential candidates have said about foreign policy, I am really looking forward to this

I’m no Twitter historian but I think this may be the first time Africom has tweeted in Arabic

Get your tinfoil hat ready! Report from the White House: “For the first time in recent memory, the ground and pipes beneath the Oval Office are exposed, and each day, workers lower massive concrete blocks several stories underground… The General Services Administration says it is an elaborate renovation of the building’s aging air-conditioning and electrical systems.” Uh huh.

We’re not the only ones who have noticed the, um, lack of foreign policy discussions in the Republican primary

Two Democratic Senators may not vote for the first piece of the Obama Jobs Act

Local Dallas station WFAA refuses to run Colbert Super PAC ad 

Yup, that’s a cyclops shark.  You’re welcome

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Morning Maddow: October 18