Morning Maddow: October 12


The Iranian assassination plot of the Saudi ambassador wasn’t spy crafty enough for you?  South Korea allegedly found on a North Korean spy a wrist band-torch that fires bullets

And speaking of the plot, a former CIA agent with extensive Iran experience says of it: ”This stinks to holy hell. The Quds Force are very good… If Kassim Suleimani was coming after you or me, we would be dead. This is totally uncharacteristic of them.”

What did conservatives inside the beltway think of Gov. Perry’s debate performance last night? “Perry was so underwhelming that the candidate himself began explaining away his performance just moments after the debate ended.  ” Ouch.

After the debate Gov. Perry carried on the Republican primary tradition of saying something totally incorrect about American history

#Perryhistory is trending…

Former Republican Speaker of the House Denny Hastert endorses Mitt Romney

Chrysler and UAW have agreed to a new contract that will create 2,100 jobs

If only demand in the whole economy was as strong as it is in the snack sector or the raincoat sector

Lindsay Lohan is wrong about kale.  I highly suggest this Lupa recipe

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Morning Maddow: October 12