Morning Maddow: October 1


Paul Ryan tells Fox News’ Chris Wallace that he doesn’t have time to explain how the Romney-Ryan plan would pay for its tax cuts.

Meanwhile, Ryan has reportedly been phoning conservative pundits to reassure them that all is not lost for the GOP ticket

In a further sign that establishment Republicans are warming to embattled Missouri senate candidate Todd Akin, Politico has obtained an Akin fundraiser invitation featuring four GOP senators as “honorary hosts.”

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) says it’s not really about Todd Akin anyway, it’s about a Republican majority in the Senate.  

Once upon a time, Mitt Romney said we’d be better off if we had “European gas prices” in this country.

Dem officials privately admit they’re unlikely to win back the House.

The latest polling shows the presidential race is still tight nationwide as well as in the swing states.  

Get ready to kiss the payroll tax cut goodbye.

The Supreme Court is back in session today with lots of controversial cases set to be decided.

California becomes the first state to ban “cure the gay” therapy for kids

The Washington Post has an in-depth interview with convicted DC sniper Lee Boyd Malvo, now 27, who was a teen during the attacks.

The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan tells 60 Minutes he’s “mad as hell” over insider attacks.

The official U.S. death toll hit 2,000 in Afghanistan over the weekend.

An appeal hearing for Pussy Riot has been postponed in Russia.



Morning Maddow: October 1