Morning Maddow: July 8


There will be a public hearing on the new abortion bill in a Texas Senate committee today. Gov. Rick Perry vows the bill will pass.

WI Gov. Scott Walker is now officially Gov. Ultrasound.

In Iowa, abortion opponents try to persuade regulators to end telemedicine abortions.

Meet the birther who is spearheading the “fetal heartbeat” abortion bans.

MO Gov. Jay Nixon vetoes a bill that would have nullified federal gun laws.

Edward Snowden is offered asylum in three Central and South American countries.

Buzzfeed profiles the chief judge of the secret FISA Court, while the Wall Street Journal looks at what that court considers “relevant”.

The pilot of the jet that crashed in San Francisco over the weekend was training on the aircraft.

Conflicting stories about the killings of dozens of Morsi supporters in Egypt.

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Morning Maddow: July 8