Morning Maddow: January 2


In case you missed it, Congress passed “fiscal cliff” legislation last night.

Grover Norquist declares the deal a win.

Want to relive the whole, sordid back and forth over the “fiscal cliff?” Here’s a handy timeline.

Immediately after the deal, President Obama heads back to his interrupted vacation in Hawaii.

So, uh, about that payroll tax break extension?

House members from both parties decry Speaker Boehner for not taking up a Superstorm Sandy relief bill.

Dick Armey defends his $8 million deal to leave FreedomWorks.

A Senate report faults intelligence agencies for confusion over the Benghazi talking points.

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s blood clot is in her head.

Latvia as a success story for austerity.

The minimum-wage gap grows wider between states.

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Morning Maddow: January 2