Monday’s Mini-Report


Today’s edition of quick hits:

* Afghanistan: “Militants attacked a U.S. base in Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan on Monday, setting off bombs, torching vehicles and shutting down a key road used by NATO supply trucks, officials said. At least three people – apparently all attacking insurgents – were killed.”

* The congressional process begins in earnest tomorrow: “Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will testify at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday to argue the Obama administration’s case for using military force in Syria. A Senate aide familiar with the plans said additional witnesses would also be announced. Kerry and Hagel will be testifying before a committee on which they both served as senators.”

* It’s part of a broader push: “The lobbying blitz stretched from Capitol Hill, where the administration held its first classified briefing on Syria open to all lawmakers, to Cairo, where Secretary of State John Kerry reached Arab diplomats by phone in an attempt to rally international support for a firm response to the Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack in the suburbs of Damascus.”

* Support for intervention is limited abroad, but the U.S. is not literally alone: “France was set Monday to provide what it says is clear evidence that the Syrian regime was behind a devastating chemical attack, as Western leaders bid to overcome widespread skepticism to military action.”

* Ned Resnikoff asks a good question: “Can the fast food strikes revive American labor unions?”

* Paul Krugman had a great Labor Day piece on how conservative came to oppose labor and workers’ interests.

* Likewise, E.J. Dionne has a gem of his own: “Could this Labor Day mark the comeback of movements for workers’ rights and a turn toward innovation and a new militancy on behalf of wage-earners?”

* And an amusing clip from the weekend when Tucker Carlson literally fell asleep during a Fox News broadcast. Sure, I’m inclined to find “Fox & Friends” dull, but when one of the co-hosts nods off, it’s a problem.

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Monday's Mini-Report