Monday’s Mini-Report


Today’s edition of quick hits:

* Greek voters threw their support behind the status quo yesterday, but Europe’s problems are far from over.

* The U.N. announced over the weekend that it’s suspending its observer mission in Syria “because of the escalating violence, the most severe blow yet to months of international efforts to negotiate a peace plan and prevent Syria’s descent into civil war.”

* Brett McGurk, President Obama’s nominee for ambassador to Iraq, has withdrawn from consideration.

* Egypt: “Faced with the popular election of the first Islamist head of state in the Arab world, Egypt’s ruling generals sought on Monday to soften the appearance of their supreme authority as they entered a period of negotiations with the prospective president over the balance of executive, legislative and military power.”

* G-20: “President Obama and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin issued a joint call for a democratic transition in Syria following a two-hour meeting at the Group of 20 summit in Mexico on Monday.”

* This clip probably won’t help Mitt Romney out-of-touch problem.

* Joe Arpaio is not above arresting a 6-year-old immigrant.

* The White House initiative to lower the costs and speed up the installation of broadband networks strikes me as a good idea.

* Another Tea Party leader got caught telling a racist “joke.”

* The old conspiracy theory on the right: Obama is driving up gas prices on purpose for political reasons. The new conspiracy theory on the right: Obama is driving down gas prices on purpose for political reasons. Damned if he does; damned if he doesn’t.

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Monday's Mini-Report