Monday’s Campaign Round-Up, 4.4.16

Today’s installment of campaign-related news items from across the country.
* Late last week, Bernie Sanders’ campaign announced that it raised $44 million in March, narrowly improving on the senator’s $43.5 million haul in February. All told, the Vermont independent raised $109 million in the first quarter, which is extraordinary under any circumstances, but is especially amazing for a candidate who’s likely to come up short in his nominating race.
* At North Dakota’s state Republican convention over the weekend, Ted Cruz added to his list of allied delegates.
* On a related note, Cruz also made headway in picking up delegates in Colorado, where Republicans decided not to hold a nominating contest this year.
* Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders say they’re willing to have yet another debate ahead of the New York primary, but the campaigns haven’t been able to work out the logistical details.
* In a rare display, Donald Trump told Maureen Dowd that his tweet going after Cruz’s wife was “a mistake.”
* In the Boston Globe, Michael Cohen had an interesting column noting the tonal changes in the Sanders campaign over the last several months.
* As recently as October, Gallup found Democrats and Republicans tied nationally in public support. Now, however, the pollster found that 46% of the public identifies as Democrats, while 40% identify as Republicans.
* Ted Cruz’s campaign has launched its first attack ad of the cycle against John Kasich, running a spot in Wisconsin accusing the Ohio governor of having engaged in unethical cronyism.
* And on a related note, a Kasich super PAC unveiled an odd anti-Cruz attack ad last week, showing the senator’s nose growing. The governor can’t legally coordinate with the super PAC, but Kasich told reporters that he hopes the ad gets pulled from the airwaves.

Monday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.4.16