Monday’s campaign round-up


Today’s installment of campaign-related news items that won’t necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:

* Arizona’s special election to replace Gabby Giffords in the U.S. House is tomorrow, and a new poll from Public Policy Polling shows Democrat Ron Barber leading Republican Jesse Kelly by 12 points, 53% to 41%.

* Giffords is still recovering, but she made an appearance at a campaign rally yesterday to express her support for Barber, her former aide.

* If there are any lingering doubts about the importance of Latino voters in 2012, take a look at this new ad from Priorities USA Action and the SEIU. The spoke is set to run Colorado, Nevada, and Florida throughout the summer.

* Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson helped bankroll Newt Gingich’s campaign, but is now considering donating as much as $10 million to Mitt Romney’s super PAC.

* The Romney campaign, meanwhile, has scheduled a bus tour of small towns, which will begin in New Hampshire this Friday, and wrap up in Michigan a week from tomorrow.

* The intra-party divisions are growing among Texas Republicans, with Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, the party’s leading U.S. Senate candidate, getting heavily booed over the weekend at the state GOP convention.

* Paul Singer, a hedge fund billionaire, is launching an operation to encourage Republicans to support marriage equality. Singer is a generous Romney donor, despite Romney’s fierce opposition to gay rights.

* And in Florida, the latest PPP survey shows incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson (D) with a growing lead over his strongest Republican challenger, Rep. Connie Mack IV (R), 49% to 36%.

Monday's campaign round-up