Monday’s campaign round-up


Today’s installment of campaign-related news items that won’t necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:

* Hoping to undercut on Mitt Romney’s post-debate bounce, the Obama campaign’s newest swing state ad, released over the weekend, hits the Republican over his false claims.

* In Wisconsin, Public Policy Polling has President Obama’s lead over Romney shrinking to just two points, 49% to 47%.

* In Colorado, a Selzer poll for the University of Denver shows the president up by four, 47% to 43%.

* In Virginia, PPP shows Obama with a three-point advantage over Romney, 50% to 47%. Three weeks ago, the president’s lead was five points.

* Speaking of Virginia, PPP also shows Tim Kaine (D) building on his lead over George Allen (R), and is now up by seven, 51% to 44%.

* Initial fundraising estimates for Obama and the DNC understated the case, with the election fund raising a whopping $181 million in September – a record for either party in any cycle.

* In Wisconsin, according to PPP, Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D) still has a narrow lead over former Gov. Tommy Thompson (R) in their U.S. Senate race, 49% to 46%.

* In Massachusetts, the latest Western New England University poll shows Elizabeth Warren (D) ahead of Sen. Scott Brown (R) by five, 50% to 45%.

* And in Arizona, where Democrats are increasingly optimistic about former Surgeon General Richard Carmona’s (D) Senate campaign against Rep. Jeff Flake (R), the DSCC isn’t just ramping up its investment, Carmona is also getting a rally with Bill Clinton at Arizona State University on Wednesday evening.

Monday's campaign round-up