Mitt Romney: ‘These are the people, and you’re the interrupters’


We know Mitt Romney likes the tactic of responding to Occupy Wall Street by suggesting they should go to North Korea. After he got challenged at an event in South Carolina last week, his campaign sent the video around. Mr. Romney got another chance yesterday in Florida, when he was mic-checked by protesters who said, “Corporations are not people. We are the people.”

“Actually, these are the people,” Mr. Romney replied, pointing to his supporters. “These are the people and you’re the interrupters.” It was really a lot like when he told that guy in South Carolina that America was right and his questioner was wrong. And then came the part about North Korea:

“I love these guys, by the way, who don’t like America and our free-enterprise system, and they have something else in mind,” he said. “Take a look at Cuba; take a look at North Korea; take a look at the former Soviet Union. Our system works. What they’re fighting for does not work. I believe in America.”

This situation of Mr. Romney’s, wherein he’s fantastically rich and most voters are not, is here to stay. The question is whether he can neutralize the 99 percent’s protest by calling it – and them – un-American.

(H/t @MoxieLdy747)

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney: 'These are the people, and you're the interrupters'