Mitt Romney: Obama made it worse (and I didn’t say that)


Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has kept right on saying that thing that he says he didn’t say. Last week in Allentown, Pennsylvania, NBC producer Sue Kroll asked Mr. Romney why he says President Obama made the economy worse, when in fact it has gotten better since he took office. “I didn’t say that things are worse,” Mr. Romney answered.

Oh, but he had, and this weekend on the campaign trail, he said it repeatedly. “He made the recession worse and the recovery more anemic,” Mr. Romney told a crowd in Amherst, New Hampshire, yesterday.

Just now, NBC News reports that Mr. Romney made the charge again, at a town hall in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. “The president came in, and he didn’t cause the recession, as you know, that was heading into a recession the time he took over, but he didn’t make it better,” Mr. Romney told the crowd. “He made things worse. And he made things worse through a series of actions which hurt the economy at the time we needed it to be taking off. And the recovery is extraordinarily anemic again because the things he did made the recovery worse.”

Since he can’t make the old video go away, Mr. Romney might be trying to point the concept of Mr. Obama’s making this worse in a direction by mentioning the recovery – as if Mr. Romney meant to say all along that it’s the bounce back from the recession that isn’t what it should be. But the tape is still the tape, and sooner or later Mr. Romney’s opponents will be able to score with it. Below, Mr. Romney’s turn on Debunktion Junction.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney: Obama made it worse (and I didn't say that)