Missed him by that much


President Obama passed by the TRMS offices yesterday, close enough to call to but not quite close enough (or slow enough) to interview. Maybe it’s not noteworthy given the concentration of national media within just a few blocks of Midtown Manhattan, but it still blows my mind that Maddow show producers and Rachel herself can literally look out their windows and see the president driving by.

Yesterday afternoon he was at the Ed Sullivan theater to tape an interview with David Letterman (which you’ll recall is within walking distance from our offices) so Andy Dallos was able to get some shots of him coming and going.

Or at least, we think it’s him coming and going.

Andy and I have been debating whether the president is really in the presidential motorcade and whether there’s any guessing which of the cars he’s in. Andy thinks he’s surely in one of the two limos (remember all the coverage of “the tank”?) but I’m a little more conspiratorial-minded, so I think he’s rolling across town in a pedicab wearing a fake beard and a pith helmet.


Uh… Mr. President?