Michigan: where the trees are ‘the right height’


The clip has been making the rounds – we aired an excerpt on last night’s show – but for those who still haven’t seen it, Josh Marshall argues the video “has been scientifically proven to be the best Mitt video in history.”

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For those who can’t watch clips online, here’s Mitt Romney, speaking in Michigan, trying to explain why he loves the state:

“A little history – I was born and raised here. I love the state. It seems right here. Trees are the right height.

“I like – I like seeing the lakes. I love the lakes. Something very special here. The Great Lakes but also all the little inland lakes that dot the parts of Michigan.

“I love cars. I don’t know – I mean, I grew up totally in love with cars…. I love cars. I love American cars.”

There was apparently some glitch in Romney’s programming during that appearance, but I’ve been assured the campaign tech team has given the candidate a full diagnostic.

As for why Michigan trees “are the right height” – unlike those other rascally states, where the trees are either too tall or too short – I’m yet to see someone explain what on earth Romney was talking about.