Michael Moore: Liberals will come home to Obama. The others…


Michael Moore last night compared himself to E.T. , ready to do anything for a few Reese’s Pieces thrown out by policy makers. Liberals are easy to win over, he said – they’re not President Obama’s problem:

In the end, the people who are members of Move On, the Michael Moores out there, are going to vote for Barack Obama.

His problem isn’t me or Move On so much as it is all the people who voted for him in ‘08 who may vote for him again. They probably won’t vote for the Republican. But they’re not going to go out and bring 10 people to the polls with them. They’re not going to be excited about voting again. And that’s where it could really hurt him.

So, this thing that happened today is very exciting, and to have him just repeat over and over again, I will refuse to let these Bush tax cuts for the rich continue, I will refuse to rebuild this country on the backs of the poor and the middle class, that is music to my ears. We should have heard this from day one. I’ll take it on day 900 if that’s when I get it.

That’s how Michael Moore sees it, after the President’s threat to veto entitlement cuts without raising taxes on the rich. You?

Michael Moore and Barack Obama

Michael Moore: Liberals will come home to Obama. The others...