A Memorial Day Ceremony in Washington.
Dan Pelle/AP

Memorial Day 2016

Because it’s Memorial Day, MaddowBlog will likely be pretty quiet today, but we’ll be back to normal tomorrow. I’ll be around if something important breaks, but expect light-to-non-existent posting for the next 24 hours or so.
In the meantime, President Obama’s weekly address released Saturday morning was devoted to remembering fallen heroes, and given the holiday, it’s a message worth keeping in mind today:
“Right now, there are American troops serving in harm’s way and standing sentry around the world. There are veterans who’ve served honorably in times of war and peace, and often came home bearing the invisible and visible wounds of war. They may not speak the loudest about their patriotism – they let their actions do that. And the right time to think of these men and women, and thank them for their service and sacrifice, is every day of the year.
“Memorial Day, which we’ll observe Monday, is different. It’s the day we remember those who never made it home; those who never had the chance to take off the uniform and be honored as a veteran. It’s the day we stop to reflect with gratitude on the sacrifice of generations who made us more prosperous and free, and to think of the loved ones they left behind.
“Remembering them – searing their stories and their contributions into our collective memory – that’s an awesome responsibility. It’s one that all of us share as citizens…. The debt we owe our fallen heroes is one we can never truly repay. But our responsibility to remember is something we can live up to every day of the year.”