Maximum minimum wage and other headlines

U.S. President Barack Obama
U.S. President Barack Obama addresses during a press conference at Belveder Palace in Warsaw June 3, 2014.
Kuba Atys/Agencja Gazeta/Reuters

Seattle city council votes to approve $15/hour minimum wage. (Time)

It’s primary day in 8 states. The Justice Department will monitor elections in 2 of them. (Washington Post)

Mississippi’s primary today marks the end of the ugly battle between Sen. Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel. (Jackson Clarion Ledger)

Pres. Obama talks about the prisoner exchange for POW Bowe Bergdahl. (AP)

Senate Armed Services gets a closed-door briefing on Bergdahl next week. (The Hill)

Pres. Obama seeks $1 billion in security aid for Europe. (USA Today) 

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Maximum minimum wage and other headlines